ZENAGA Foundation

The Zenaga Foundation puts people at the centre of its work and looks at the issues from their perspective: Climate protection and environmental protection, as both mean human protection for Zenaga. Zenaga demonstrates the economic benefits of technological change, taking people, companies and levels of government on a journey to preserve the earth and the prospects for future generations.

The non-profit organisation was founded to expand the dialogue and transfer of knowledge and technology between Germany and its stakeholders and stakeholders in other countries.

One focus is on the exchange of knowledge, the presentation of technical possibilities and the realisation of projects.

The themes of the Zenaga Foundation are: clean energy - intact environment - climate protection - increasing quality of life in order to reduce the number of refugees in Germany and Africa, to improve international understanding and to improve trade opportunities.

Read here how the Zenaga Foundation is working for the environment:


Contact possibility:

Kai Zimmermann
Zenaga Foundation gGmbH
EU Climate Pact Ambassador 2020/21
Mobile +491712784066

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