WE DO X. plans sustainably good architecture

WE DO X. plans sustainably good architecture

Buildings cause 40 % ofCO2 emissions. We are doing something about it: WE DO X. designs ecological residential buildings that make you feel good, save energy and are affordable. Climate protection is currently a hot topic of discussion, but very few people are taking action. Building must become greener and remain affordable. People want sustainable architecture with flexible uses that combine living and working in style. This is exactly where we come in!

Less grey energy - more green comfort
With intelligent and individual planning, we realise your dream of an energy-efficient house. Ecological, high-quality materials and flexible floor plans ensure healthy living and well-proportioned rooms - even in compact planning. Together we consider which layout best suits you and your ideas. Often, for example, there is no need for a hallway, which shortens distances and increases the living space. TheCO2 footprint of a house planned by us is also much smaller, because less "grey energy" is produced. This is the energy consumed in the production and transport of raw materials and in the construction or demolition of a building.

Expertise replaces expensive energy guzzlers
Industrially manufactured components such as roller shutters, awnings or smart home technology do not have to be. They are expensive, prone to faults and thus maintenance-intensive. There are more charming and cost-saving solutions: A roof overhang on the house or a tree in the garden are ideal sources of shade. Windows of varying sizes can be installed according to the points of the compass. Thus, daylight enters the house all year round and naturally provides bright rooms. 

We plan the building services so carefully that after a long period of operation, for example, only the heat pump needs to be replaced without much effort. Or we place bathrooms on several floors one above the other in a technical shaft. This shortens the pipes, reduces maintenance and energy loss. This also saves water and heating costs. 

Environmentally friendly and stable in value
Sustainably planned architecture is attractive, environmentally friendly and stable in value: If your life plans change, you will have sold or rented out your Wedox. house faster than a conventional property. Because sustainable residential buildings are in demand, but still rare! Simply contact us. We will advise you individually and look forward to your building project.

Further information at www.wedo-x.de

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