We network / communicate / understand / disseminate.

The future network from innovative Ostwürttemberg, for a world worth living in.

This is what we stand for:
Responsibility is our motivation,
Trust our foundation,
Networking our goal
Consumption our challenge.

This is what we do:
Competence / Communication/ Cooperation / Collective added value
Bundle competences, facilitate communication, promote cooperation for a collective added value. 

We recommend:
Keep Calm - Take Care - Act Smart - Spread Life
Stay Calm - Be Mindful - Act Wisely - Spread Life and Vibrancy

We generate More.Value:
Our vision is to build a network to connect people, share knowledge and values, find solutions and transform our consumption.

Our 4 V's support change and transformation.
Because when they come together they enable the new: knowledge and values.

In addition to the existing focus on BENEFIT.VALUE and MONEY.VALUE, it is important for us to

To create awareness for sustainable values that serve our LIFE.value.

By this we mean:
Experiential.values, Nature.values, Educational.values, Social.values, Cultural.values. 

We want to bring these more into the centre of society, as they are important factors for a collective surplus value.

All pillars of sustainability are taken into account, i.e. ecology, sociology and economy, and supplemented by the important point of the common good.

Because values are created through the interaction of people who do things together.

The challenges of the future are boundless, boundless commitment and boundless cooperation are an opportunity. What counts is: People for people.

Further info at: www.v4v.eu

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