consistently natural cosmetics - Simple. For all.

consistently natural cosmetics - Simple. For all.

We are a young company from Vienna that has set itself the goal of bringing a breath of fresh air - and also a little more honesty - to the natural cosmetics industry.

Our company - consistently natural cosmetics - is all about environmental protection and sustainability. In this sense, natural cosmetics is by no means "new" or "innovative" any more - on the contrary: we had to realise that although there are many good intentions in the industry, they are not consistently followed through.

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With consistently natural cosmetics, we want to go at least one step further in terms of environmental protection, sustainability and regionality:

These are certified (organic) natural cosmetics according to the strict Natural Cosmetics Standard, produced in an Austrian family business, whose recipes are based on Traditional European Healing and which are made with organic ingredients whenever possible. We pay special attention to regionally produced ingredients - in our case this means in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

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The idea for the company came about because I, Fiona, could never quite find what I was looking for in my personal body care: (organic) natural cosmetics that look at sustainability from all perspectives, are characterised by high quality, but are also available at a fair price.

So without further ado, I started mixing cosmetics for my own use in the kitchen and eventually founded my own cosmetics company with my brother Stefan. Our goal? To offer consumers everything we couldn't find on the market:

Impeccable quality at a fair price - many brands command such high prices that their use is not financially "sustainable" for large sections of the population, which means that the positive effect on the environment can never really unfold.

Furthermore, cosmetics manufacturers are happy to sacrifice sustainability for the sake of current popular trends or financial considerations. Palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and other exotic ingredients may be cheap and easy to process and care for the skin, but because they are imported from distant countries with often precarious working conditions for the local population, their ecological and social balance is disastrous. And this despite the fact that no less effective ingredients have been known in Europe for centuries.

Therefore, natural products consistently use domestic, European (organic) plant oils as well as European organic plant water or Austrian organic beeswax. Then, depending on the possibility, they are sold without packaging or in environmentally friendly packaging .

Although our products are proven to be of very high quality, we deliberately keep our prices affordable.

To this end, our cosmetics follow a strongly minimalist concept in which few products have as many applications as possible. Because that is also a form of sustainability.

Further information and ordering options can be found on the homepage .

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