INITIATIVE2030 - live the goals

INITIATIVE2030 - live the goals

Better understand sustainability in the context of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and make responsible action more visible for all!

The Vienna Information Initiative has set itself the goal of raising public awareness of the now inflationary use of the term "sustainability" in its breadth and depth, and in doing so to promote a better understanding and more knowledge of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and GLGs (Good Life Goals) among the population. Because sustainability is more than organic farming and regionality.

The INITIATIVE2030 - Part 1: Raising Awareness for Sustainable Goals
On 1 March this year, the first run of the voluntary, non-profit project "INITIATIVE2030 - live the goals" started. The aim of Part 1 was and is to create a better public understanding of the meaning of "sustainability" through educational communication and dissemination of the core contents of the 17 SDGs + GLGs and to clarify the diversity of the global topics that sustainable development encompasses.

Closing ranks: Economy (SDGs) and population (GLGs)
This information transfer was and is based on 17 eye-catching campaign subjects. In the course of this, the largely still completely unknown Good Life Goals (GLGs), which were developed in 2018 by UNESCO and the UN, among others, are also transported in terms of content. The GLGs are the equivalent of the SDGs in terms of content, but they address people in their daily actions in terms of sustainability in practice and are not, like the SDGs, directed at business, politics and industry. This is also intended to illustrate that, in order to achieve the SDGs by 2030, there is a shared responsibility between business and politics on the one hand, and the population on the other. What is needed, therefore, is a sustainable shoulder-to-shoulder approach and greater awareness.
The extensive contents of both target programmes (SDGs + GLGs) are summarised and compared in a comprehensible way in order to make the complex topics more accessible and comprehensible and to promote public awareness of them efficiently.

INITIATIVE2030 - Part 2: Sustainability in action deserves a stage
In Part 2 and the continuation of this voluntary project, which has been running since June, INITIATIVE2030 focuses on innovative best practice examples from the initiative's constantly expanding community. The partnersare presented on the website in various formats and also presented on social platforms. Inthis way, the actors ofliving sustainability aretobe brought before the curtain and successful "sustainability stories" are also to be passed on to each other via social media channels of the current and future partners andparticipants.

Living SDG 17: PARTNERSHIP & SYNERGY - Mutual support for success and benefit
The volunteer team of INITIATIVE2030 largely takes over the communication and information work for all its partners toshow their commitment to more sustainability and thus support sustainable activities. Free of charge. The only condition and request on the part of INITIATIVE2030 to its partnersis to support each other and to carry the content of INITIATIVE2030 partners communicated via social media into their own communities. That is all.

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