Those who sell well also achieve more!

Those who sell well also achieve more!

Good Profits is THE sales agency for for-profit social enterprises

The team's aim is to make the sometimes tiresome topic of sales fun. This is done through strategic (sales) consulting as well as by embedding sales competencies within the framework of very interactive, entertaining trainings - online as well as offline.

The portfolio is complemented by individual sales coaching. This covers topics such as healthy self-esteem, goal-oriented communication, but also very practical tips for individual time management.

In order to accompany its customers in the most practical and customised way possible, the spectrum of Good Profits GmbH even extends to temporary support in the customers' sales activities.

Good Profits draws a clear line between marketing and sales. It is not about pretty pictures, viral campaigns or impressive websites that are supposed to arouse the curiosity of prospective customers. It is about everything that wins customers in a sustainable way; about "good profits" - for companies that work for the benefit of the environment and society.

Because Good Profits has a vision: a world in which all companies create ecological, economic, ethical and emotional added value - for themselves and for society!

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From left to right: Miriam J. Hohenfeldt, Sebastian Grothaus, Laura Sonnenschein

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