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Date(s) - 27 May 2022 - 28 May 2022
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House of Art


In a two-day format, the MUC.XYZ offers a broad audience an exchange and discussion platform around NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). On the one hand, interested parties from politics, science, business and culture will be informed about the technologies and application areas of NFTs, and on the other hand, representatives of the crypto and NFT communities will discuss current trends and developments.

The first day introduces the underlying technologies of NFTs such as blockchain and smart contracts. Different areas of application of NFTs and their economic significance will be presented using successful examples from the gaming, fashion and art sectors. A panel discussion will provide a critical look at the technology and its benefits, as well as a visionary look into the future of NFTs.
visionary look into the future of NFTs. On this day, the audience will be introduced to the world of NFTs and informed about the basics and possible areas of application.

The second day is a deep dive into current topics and trends in Web3.0 and the world of NFTs. Representatives of established companies from the gaming, fashion, food and art sectors will present their NFT business models and strategies. Current trends, technological developments, crowdfunding opportunities and tax and regulatory aspects will be covered. The crypto and NFT communities and all interested parties will exchange ideas in an interdisciplinary manner on this day.


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