Simply sustainable - stylish products for everyday life

Simply sustainable - stylish products for everyday life

We are neither superheroes nor managers of a large corporation. We are father and mother, wife and husband. We are people, like you and me, with the idea of bringing good-looking, reusable products made from sustainable raw materials to the people.

It all started during the holidays in 2017. Annika discovers beeswax wipes. She was immediately blown away by the idea of replacing the boring and not exactly environmentally friendly cling film and aluminium foil with an upbeat and natural product.

The first beeswax cloths were created in the kitchen laboratory, with which they were able to win their first customers. At the same time, however, awareness of sustainability has also risen and it quickly became clear that there is still a lot of catching up to do and even better: that there are still many beautiful sustainable products.

Since was not the right place for stainless steel drinking straws, reusable make-up removal pads or alternative detergents, the brand "Simply Less" was founded with the following goal:

We banish plastic and disposable items from everyday life and offer equally good and useful alternatives. In doing so, we place great value on design and functionality.

We are therefore all the more pleased that we are also able to continuously expand our portfolio and can now offer many alternatives from the kitchen & household and bathroom & body care segments.

Wherever possible, we try to work with local suppliers. On the one hand, this makes logistics easier, but definitely also more sustainable, and on top of that, there are always exciting contacts.

Last but not least: "buying" and "selling" is not everything in life. Through the blog, we try to look at the issue of sustainability from different (and sometimes critical) angles. Many things are not just gold that glitters and many problems lie deeper than they can be solved simply by an alternative product.

The shop Einfach Weniger can be found at The beeswax cloths live at

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