CO2-free music streaming

Stream by stream helps more than 100 million eco-friendly music listeners connect with artists around the world to collectively offset their carbon footprint.

The musicians show their commitment by supporting sustainability projects with donations from each streamed song. In return, listeners support these artists by listening to the "stream by stream" playlists of these musicians, thus benefiting climate protection.

Explanation video how it works

Imagine if you could actively contribute to the preservation of our environment every day, without having to leave the house, spend money, give up anything or make any other effort - just by listening to your favourite music. Yes, you heard right (literally ;))! The new non-profit start-up stream by stream has developed an offer that allows you to plant trees and contribute to climate protection just by listening to music. It's simple and easy:

  1. Search "stream by stream" on your favourite streaming service
  2. Listen to the playlists wherever and whenever you want and
  3. stream by stream, trees are planted for you.
The founders of stream by stream (the band Citrus Hues, Timon and Easnadh)

More and more people want to reduce their footprint. So do many musicians, who unfortunately cause too many CO2 emissions with their concerts. Smaller and medium-sized artists cannot force concert organisers to offer green electricity or to compensate for the emissions. Stream by stream is an initiative of musicians who join forces and stand up for nature.

They all cede at least one third of their streaming revenues to the environment. They use the network to coordinate their environmental activities and do joint marketing by bundling their songs on playlists. Every environmentally-minded listener can thus easily decide whether they prefer one of the thousands of commercial playlists or one of the "impact musicians". Basically, we all want to pollute the environment as little as possible and can make a meaningful contribution in a playful and simple way. Without renunciation, without restrictions and without having to pull out your wallet.

In addition, all musicians advertise the stream by stream Impact playlists among their fans and at concerts and thus encourage the environmentally oriented among them to listen not only to them but also to the other Impact musicians. In this way, all musicians can help each other and find new listeners and fans. The musicians as well as the listeners benefit again. Some because they are heard more, others because the contributions to the environment continue to increase.

Stream by stream also actively markets on all social media such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and their website. With new musicians, new songs or with competitions and campaigns, listeners are sought out and encouraged to join the movement or support releases in the initial phase. This in turn helps the musicians, but the main aim is to raise awareness of the initiative and generate even more for climate protection. All of this without any income. The stream by stream movement works on a voluntary basis and is financed by crowdfunding, donations and sponsoring.

If you also want to support the initiative, follow stream by stream on their social media channels, e.g. on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn, to stay informed and so that they can also communicate with you.

You can find the playlists directly on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or YouTube or search for "stream by stream" on the internet and follow the links.

You can find all links here

Stream by stream is a non-profit project and is looking for helpers, supporters or sponsors.

Share this with all your friends and encourage them to listen and follow the playlists. Do you know any media companies (newspapers, radio, etc.), bloggers, influencers or friends who would like to report on something new and "trendy"? We'd love to.

Stream by stream also needs more musicians to join in and fit into the music genres of the existing playlists. Anyone who would like to participate can get in touch via the contact form on the website. All requests will be checked and answered.

Anyone who wants to support these impact musicians and the stream-by-stream movement is very welcome. Donations can also be made on the website.

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