November 22 2022

The OneDollarGlasses

Many millions of people in the world would need glasses, but cannot afford them. The consequences are far-reaching: children can [...]
11 April 2022

mySHOEFITTER a tool for digital shoe sizes

1st challenge: shoe returns in eCommerce Do you know the problem? Ordered a shoe online and the size doesn't fit? Your return [...]
9 February 2022

CO2-free music streaming

Stream by stream helps more than 100 million eco-friendly music listeners connect with artists around the world, [...]
13 December 2021


Behind the climate referendum in Austria are hundreds of motivated volunteers who are working together for a courageous climate policy. In a broad climate alliance [...]
6 December 2021

WE DO X. plans sustainably good architecture

Buildings cause 40 % of CO2 emissions. We are doing something about it: WE DO X. designs ecological residential buildings for well-being that use energy [...].
10 November 2021


We are an international organisation from Zurich and have been changing the world for around three years by being hands-on and [...]
31 October 2021

365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge

"A better world starts with you" While the internet is exploding with thousands of so-called Challenges, the 365 Sustainable Decisions [...]
31 October 2021

INITIATIVE2030 - live the goals

Better understand sustainability in the context of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and make responsible action more visible for all! The Vienna Information Initiative has made it [...]
29 October 2021


We are Franziska and Manuela. We worked together for many years in the socio-educational field and know from our own experience, with [...]
25 October 2021

The Terra Institute

Our partner for sustainability consulting The Terra Institute works alongside companies and institutions of all sectors and sizes, as well as [...]
11 October 2021

consistently natural cosmetics - Simple. For all.

We are a young company from Vienna that has set itself the goal of bringing a breath of fresh air - and also a little more [...]
6 October 2021


We network / communicate / understand / disseminate. The future network from innovative Ostwürttemberg, for a world worth living in. For the [...]
29 September 2021

Shaping education together

FUTURE CAMPUS WE ARE THE ARCHITECTS OF OUR FUTURE. The ZUKUNFTS-CAMPUS® is a flexible, supra-regional network structure. On our analog and digital platform [...]
29 September 2021

Those who sell well also achieve more!

Good Profits is THE sales agency for for-profit social enterprises The team aims to bring joy to the sometimes vexing subject of sales [...]
22 September 2021

Cotton bags - long-term advertising media produced sustainably

The company more presents from Hamburg has long been active in the wholesale of cotton bags with individual advertising messages. Cotton bags are [...]
17 September 2021

The world is cleaning up. Germany joins in.

Do It Yourself - Take Action! World Cleanup Day on 18 September 2021. Together for a clean, healthy and [...]
13 September 2021

Simply sustainable - stylish products for everyday life

We are neither superheroes nor managers of a large corporation. We are father and mother, wife and husband. We are human beings, like [...]
3 September 2021

Of little bees and little flowers - why a bee sponsorship helps

We have all heard of bees and flowers. But the honey bee is good for so much more than just [...].
11 August 2021

50 years and not a bit older - 50Plus - the "life experts

When the first grey hair appears in the mirror, you know you're getting older. If you then add the five [...]
13 July 2021

Cocoa products for biodiversity

Rich ecosystems instead of monocultures - this is what two nature lovers, Mayra Nuñez and Felix Bauer, have been campaigning for recently. With their [...]
9 July 2021


Sustainability needs ingenious minds The Swiss Green Economy Symposium will take place in Winterthur from 2-3 September 2021. The SGES is [...]
4 May 2021

elephbo - Recycled cement bags

The careless handling of cement bags caught the eye of elephbo's adventurous founder, Nicolas Huxley, when he visited Southeast Asia with a few [...]
15 April 2021

ZENAGA Foundation

The Zenaga Foundation puts people at the centre of its work and looks at the issues from their perspective: Climate protection [...]
25 March 2021

Good deed day

29 May 2021 is "Good Deed Day". Join us and let's move Switzerland! Coop [...]