Cotton bags - long-term advertising media produced sustainably

Cotton bags - long-term advertising media produced sustainably

Cotton Field

The company more presents from Hamburg has long been active in the wholesale of cotton bags with individual advertising messages.

Cotton bags are an inexpensive individual advertising medium with long-term benefits, they can be used wonderfully as give-aways at trade fairs or at the POS in retail. Due to their long-term use, cotton bags are a big plus when it comes to waste avoidance.

Due to the effects of the Corona crisis and the advancing climate crisis, society as a whole is changing and sustainability is increasingly becoming the focus of companies. Sustainability has also become an increasingly important factor in the marketing mix.

The owner Bettina Timmermann has personally been living sustainably in many ways for a long time by avoiding meat, buying from regional organic producers and avoiding plastic waste. The desire for more sustainability is now also to be strongly reflected in the working world.

In the company, the focus has therefore been on "sustainable cotton bags" since 2021. Cotton bags that are truly sustainably produced have GOTS certification (the highest standard worldwide for the cultivation of organic cotton) and are also made from Fairtrade certified cotton. cotton.

FAIRTRADE complements itself wonderfully through binding structures for fairly paid work and fair trade. All people in the production chain should be able to make a self-determined living from their work. The cooperation partners produce in India and are all officially certified.

We hope to be able to supply exclusively GOTS + Fairtrade certified cotton bags within 1-2 years. Cotton bags in 1-2 years. New customers are coming in and we are trying to convince old customers to switch from conventional cotton bags to a sustainable cotton bag....

Let us all do good in our sphere of influence and contribute to a better, sustainable world.

Larger quantities are produced individually in India - for short-term needs with smaller quantities, there has been a stock programme since 2021. In the last step, the bags are individually printed in a GOTS print shop in Germany.

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