365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge

365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge

"A better world starts with you"

While the internet is exploding with thousands of so-called challenges, Dr Erlijn van Genuchten 's 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge is one of the few that change our lives and decisions that help improve the planet. Her mottos: "A better world starts with you" and "together we canachievemore".

When she started in August 2019, she had no idea how much her Challenge would change people's everyday lives. The little things that people take for granted every day, such as leftover food, worn-out clothes, used bottles and more, should be the focus if sustainable living is to succeed. In her challenge, she shows and shares as a global changemaker how sustainable living makes us happier, healthier and wealthier, while being more environmentally friendly.

Otherwise, Erlijn van Genuchten is an IT security expert (ethical hacker) and supports the United Nations (UN ECE) as a member of the expert group on digitalisation and energy efficiency.

Daily posts can be found on Twitter(www.Twitter.com/ErlijnG) or her blog(https://www.sustainabledecisions.eu/blog).

More information at https://www.SustainableDecisions.eu

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